Workshop C:Audio Description for film and television (language: Dutch)
Gert Vercauteren
Artesis University College, Antwerp

With accessibility regulations gaining increasing importance in Belgium and in the Netherlands, audio description (AD) is finally starting to see the light of day in both countries. A growing demand for descriptions will automatically lead to a greater need for qualified Dutch and Flemish audio describers, who are still extremely scarce at the moment. This workshop is aimed at people who are interested in audio description but have little or no knowledge of it.

The first part of the workshop will consist of an introduction to the subject (what is audio description, who uses the service and what qualities should an audio describer have) and a brief look at the current situation in other countries. Based on examples from described movies, we will then look at the different existing guidelines and ways of working which are currently in use in those pioneering countries.

In the second part of the workshop, participants will be split up into groups of 2 or 3 to create their own descriptions of a Dutch movie scene. Subsequently, every group will present its description, after which problems and solutions will be discussed. Finally, we will look at an official description of the scene and compare it to our own versions.

The goal of the workshop is to make participants aware of the AD target audience and the specific needs of audience members in an attempt to provide the participants with basic insights into the difficulties that the creation of a good audio description poses and to give the participants some guidelines to solve those problems