Workshop B: Voice-over Translation at a First Glance
Anna Matamala and Pilar Orero

This workshop will offer  insights into the theoretical foundations of voice-over as well as some hands-on voice-over experience.

Starting from a general overview of the challenges posed by voice-over, a rather neglected audiovisual transfer mode which is nonetheless widely  present in the audiovisual landscape, the workshop will focus on voice-over for non-fictional programmes, both for production and  post-production. In addition, a number of issues relating to the translation of fiction will also be addressed. Various examples will  illustrate the main characteristics of the transfer mode, such as types of synchrony, main linguistic challenges, etc.

After the short introduction to the 'theory of voice-over',  the participants will be asked to translate short English film clips into their mother tongues  in order to: 

(a) identify key problematic issues  when translating for voice-over, and  
(b) identify translational problems into their mother tongues taking into account the main
..... constraints of this AVT form.