Plenary Closing Session: Media for All: Quality Made to Measure
Convenor: Jorge Díaz Cintas

Jorge DÍAZ CINTAS is Senior Lecturer in Translation at Imperial College London. He is the author of numerous articles and books on audiovisual translation, including Audiovisual Translation: Subtitling (with Aline Remael, 2007), Media for All (co-edited, 2007), The Didactics of Audiovisual Translation (edited, 2008), Audiovisual Translation: Language Transfer on Screen (co-edited, 2009) and New Trends in Audiovisual Translation (edited, 2009). Since 2002, he has been the president of the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation. He is a member of the international research group TransMedia.


Mary Carroll, Titelbild
Mary Carroll is Managing Director of Titelbild Subtitling and Translation GmbH in Berlin, Germany, a company she founded in 1991. In 2008, Titelbild became part of the Red Bee Media Group. Titelbild specializes in access services and all forms of translation for the audiovisual media. Mary Carroll is a subtitling and communications consultant and trainer, and author of various publications related to subtitling and screen translation. She is a member of ESIST, the European Association for Studies in Screen Translation; the Transforum Coordination Committee for Translation Practice and Theory in Germany; BDÜ, the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators; and Transmedia research group. She has been a member of the Steering Committee of Languages and the Media since its inception in 1998..

Andrew Lambourne, SysMedia
As one of the pioneers of the use of speech input tools for subtitling, and having trained re-speakers in the UK and Europe for many years, Andrew Lambourne is well placed to reflect on the core skills which are necessary for success. His own work in the subtitling field started 30 years ago as a researcher at the University of Southampton in the UK, from where he went to ORACLE Teletext and founded the UK’s first live news subtitling operation. Leaving to form his own business in 1990, Andrew led the development of the successful WinCAPS subtitling system. Since then he has worked alongside many broadcasters and subtitling houses to assist them in breaking new ground in service provision. His firm belief is that new technology should be harnessed to provide subtitlers with the assistance to enable higher productivity, but that at the core of success is effective development and deployment of the human skills which are vital to achieving and maintaining quality.

Rubén Delgado, 36caracteres
Rubén Delgado Arnáiz is a French and English translator specialized in subtitling since 2000. He is a founder member of 36caracteres, a subtitling company based in Madrid, Spain, where he carries out managing duties that include quality control and training. He is constantly involved in multiple subtitling projects for cinema, television, video and film festivals combining these tasks with his special interest in theatre surtitling, in which he has acquired a wide experience over the past few years translating, operating surtitles in live shows, developing technical solutions and managing projects.