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Pascaline MERTEN
Haute Ecole de Bruxelles, Belgium

Universität des Saarlandes, Germany

Yamile RAMÍREZ is translator for Spanish, English and German. She has worked as scientific researcher in the Department of Applied Linguistics at the Saarland University since 2005 and has been working for years as translation project manager. She was involved in the eCoLoTrain project, leaded by the University of Saarbrücken, and is now taking part to the eCoLoMedia project.

University of Leeds, UK

Alina SECARĂ has been teaching computer-assisted translation and audiovisual translation at the Centre for Translation Studies, University of Leeds for a number of years. She graduated from the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Romania, with a degree in Translation Studies followed by a research MA in Translation Studies at the University of Leeds. With experience as in-house translator and captioner, she played an active role in the creation of e-learning translation training materials for various European projects including eCoLoTrain and MeLLANGE, and she is now coordinating the Leeds contribution to the new Leonardo-funded multimedia translation project, eCoLoMedia.